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  1. The success of any Business Process Automation (BPA) shall only be achieved when BPA enures certain characteristics. Which of the following is not included in those characteristics?

(a) Diligence (b) Integrity (c) Availability (d) Timeliness

  1. Auditor of a company finds that management policy of cash expenses limit of Rs. 5,000/- is not being adhered to. There are many violations of the same during the year. Auditor of the company shall report on same under which clause of companies Act, 2013?

(a) 134(4) (b) 143(3) (c) 134(3) (d) 143 (4) (1)

  1. Pick the ODD one out.

(a) Accounting Information system (b) Input (c) Output (d) Process (1)

  1. The risk management strategy that is followed by an organization in case the impact and probability of risk is very low. Which type of the risk management strategy would be followed in this case?

(a) Tolerate the risk (b) Terminate the risk (c) Share the risk (d) Treat the risk. (1)

  1. When DXN Ltd. Decided to adopt automation to support its critical business processes, it exposed itself to number of risks. One risk that the automated process could lead to breakdown in internal processes, people and systemsis a type a type of

(a) Operational Risk (b) Financial Risk (c) Strategic Risk (d) Compliance Risk (1)

  1. XYZ a leading publication house of Delhi was facing many issues like delay in completing the order of its customers, manual processing of data, increased lead time, inefficient business processes etc. Hence, the top management of ZYZ decided to get SAP – an ERP system implemented in the publication house. Using the proper method of vendor selection, Digisolution Pvt.Ltd. was selected to implement SAP software in XYZ publication house. To implement the software, the IT team of Digisolution Pvt. Ltd. Visited XYZ’s office number of times and met its various officials to gather and understand their requirements. With due diligence, the SAP software was customized and well implemented in the publishing house.

After the SAP implementation, the overall system became integrated and well other departments. This raised a concern in the mind of few employees of XYZ worrying about their jobs’ security leading to quitting of jobs. The top management of XYZ showed its concern on this issue and wanted to retain few of its employees.

6.1 Imagine that you are core team member of Digisolution Pvt.Ltd. While customizing the Sales and Distribution Module of SAP software, you need to know the correct sequence of all the activities involved in the module Identify the correct option that reflects the correct sequence of the activities.

(i) Material Delivery (ii) Billing (iii) Pre-Sales Activities (iv) Sales Order (v) Payments (v) Inventory Sourcing

Choose the correct sequence from the following

(a) (i) -(iii) – (ii) – (v) –(vi)

(b) (ii)-(iv)-(vi)-(iii)-(i)-(v)                                                                                                                                                              (c) (iii)-(iv)-(vi)-(i)-(ii)-(v)                                                                                                                                                                (d) (iv)-(i)-(iii),(v),(ii),(vi)

6.2. In purview of above situation, which of the following control can be helpful to management of XYZ publishing house to retain its employees and stopping them to leave the compant?

(a) Training can be imparted to employees by skilled consultant.                                                                                       (b) Allocation of employees task matching their skill set, fixing of compensation package.                                               (c) Management should stop the implementation of ERP                                                                                                         (d) Backup arrangement is required. (2)

6.3 The SAP software was successfully implemented by XYZ publication house after overcoming many challenges. The risk associated with “Patches and upgrades not installed and the tools being underutilized” belongs to ————- risk.

(a) Technological (b) Implementation (c) People (d) Process (2)

  1. Bianc Computing Ltd. Has implemented a set of controls including those with respect to security, quality assurance and boundary controls to ensure that the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of information systems takes place in a planned and controlled manner. It has also ensured that logs are designed to record activity at the system, application, and user level.


Along  with the implementation of controls and maintenance of logs, it has approached a leading firm of IS auditors to conduct a comprehensive audit of its controls. Within the organization also, it has opened new job roles and has hired people with the required skill sets for the same.

7.1 The team of network engineers of Bianic Computing Ltd. Recommended certain controls to be implemented in the organization to bridge the rate of data reception and transmission between two nodes. Which types of controls are being referred to here? (1)

(i) Link Controls (ii) Flow Controls (iii) Channel Access Controls (iv) Line Error Controls

7.2 Which control is used to ensure that the user can continue working, while  the print operation is getting completed? This is known as ————–.

(i) Printing Controls (ii) Spooling File Control (iii) Spoofing file control (iv) Print-Run-to Run Control Total (1)

7.3 Bianc Computing Ltd. Has also opened up new job roles and has hired persons with the required skill sets for the same as given below

Job Role Person Responsible
1.    Developing logical and physical designs of data models (a)    Operations Manager
2.    Providing front line user support services (b)    Security Analyst
3.    Staffing of resources for upcoming projects. (c)    Database Architect
4.    Examining logs from firewalls, and providing security advisories (d)    Help Desk Analysit
5.    Performing maintenance and configuration operations on systems. (e)    Systems Analyst
6.    Build and maintain network devices such as routers, switches etc. (f)    System Administrator
7.    Developing technical requirements, program design, and software test plans (g)   Network Engineer


Identify the right match to the job roles assigned and the responsible persons for the job role.                                      (i) 1(c),2(d),3(a),4(b),5(f),6(g),7(e)





  1.    Discuss “ Management Processes” and state their example
  2.    A company ABC Ltd. Is engaged in selling consumer goods to different categories of customers. To increase its sales, different types of discounts are offered to customers. The policy of discount is as given below:
  3. On cooking range, a discount of 12% is allowed to dealers and 9% to retailers irrespective of the value of the order.
  4. A discount of 12% is allowed on washing machine irrespective of the category of customer and the value of the order.

iii. On decorative products, dealers are allowed a discount of 20%  provided that the value of the order is Rs. 10,000 and above. Retailers

Prepare a flow chart to calculate the discount for the above policy.

  1. Controlling Module is one of the business process modules of the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems. It facilities coordinating, monitoring and optimizing all the processes in an organization. In the light of these statements, describe any six key features of Controlling Module of ERP system. (10)
  2. Discuss the key activities which require special attention for auditing the user access provisioning    (10)


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