CA Foundation (Paper 3) Business Maths and Statistics 15


REVISION  TEST – 15       (21.04.22)

PAPER : 3- BUSINESS MATHEMATICS,LOGICAL REASONING AND STATISTICS                  CLASS  : CA – FOUNDATION                                     MARKS :25 X 1 =25



A binomial distribution is

(a) never symmetrical. (b) never positively skewed.

(c) never negatively skewed. (d) symmetrical when p = 0.5.

The mean of a binomial distribution with parameter n and p is

(a) n (1– p).  (b) n p (1 – p). (c) n p.  (d)

What is the probability of getting 3 heads if 6 unbiased coins are tossed simultaneously?

(a) 0.50.  (b) 0.25. (c) 0.3125.  (d) 0.6875

The Number of methods for fitting the normal curve is

(a) 1  (b) 2 (c) 3  (d) 4

Whatever may be the parameter of __________ distribution, it has same shape.

(a) Normal  (b) Binomial (c) Poisson  (d) none

A car hire firm has 2 cars which is hired out everyday. The number of demands per day for a car follows Poisson distribution with mean 1.20. What is the proportion of days on which some demand is refused? (Given e 1.20 = 3.32).

(a) 0.25  (b) 0.3012  (c) 0.12 (d) 0.03

The total area of the normal curve is

(a) one.  (b) 50 per cent.

(c) 0.50. (d) any value between 0 and 1.

The normal curve is

(a) Bell-shaped.  (b) U- shaped.

(c) J-shaped.  (d) Inverted J-shaped.

The normal curve is

(a) positively skewed. (b) negatively skewed.

(c) symmetrical.  (d) all these.

It is suitable to use Binomial Distribution only for ___________

a) Large values of ‘n’ b) Fractional values of ‘n’

c) Small values of ‘n’ d) Any value of ‘n’

Binomial Distribution is a ___________

a) Continuous distribution b) Discrete distribution

c) Irregular distribution d) Not a Probability distribution

For a Poisson Distribution, if mean(m) = 1, then P(1) is?

a) 1/e b) e c) e/2 d) Indeterminate

In a Poisson Distribution, if ‘n’ is the number of trials and ‘p’ is the probability of success, then the mean value is given by?

a) m = np b) m = (np)2

c) m = np(1-p) d) m = p

Normal Distribution is also known as ___________

a) Cauchy’s Distribution b) Laplacian Distribution

c) Gaussian Distribution d) Lagrangian Distribution

If the weekly wages of 5000 workers in a factory follows normal distribution with mean and SD as ` 700 and ` 50 respectively, what is the expected number of workers with wages between ` 660 and ` 720?

(a) 2,050 (b) 2,200 (c) 2,218  (d) 2,300

The curve of _________ distribution is unimodal and bell shaped with the highest point over the mean

(a) Poisson  (b) Normal (c) Binomial d) none

Because of the symmetry of Normal distribution the median and the mode have the ______ value as that of the mean

(a) greater (b) smaller  (c) same (d) none

The Poisson distribution tends to be symmetrical if the mean value is

(a) high  (b) low  (c) zero  (d) none

In Binomial Distribution ‘p’ denotes Probability of

(a) Success  (b) Failure (c) Both (d) None

For a Poisson variate X, P (X = 1) = P (X = 2). What is the mean of X?

(a) 1.00.  (b) 1.50.  (c) 2.00. (d) 2.50.

In a sample of 500 workers of a factory, the mean wage and SD of wages are found to be ` 500 and ` 48 respectively. Find the number of workers having wages  between ` 548 and ` 600.

a).60 b)70 c) 80 d) none

If is a Binomial distribution mean = 20 , S.D.= 4 then n is equal to

(a) 80 (b) 100  (c) 90  (d) none

In a discrete random variable x follows uniform distribution and assumes only the values 8, 9, 11, 15, 18, 20. Then P(|x – 14| < 5) is

(a) 1/3  (b) 2/3 (c) ½  (d) 1

For discrete random variables the probability of the entire space is

(a) 0  (b) 1 (c) –1 d) none

Binomial distribution is symmetrical if

(a) p > q (b) p < q  (c) p = q  (d) none



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