CA Foundation English RVS 2





DATE: 25.03.2022 TIME : 1 Hour

Total Marks: 30


Answer the following questions (5*2=10)

1) What is conciseness and concreteness?

2) Why listening and focus and attention important in communication?

3) How language and culture be barrier in organisation?

4) Define physiological and technological barrier.

5) Why emotion be effective characteristic and how it be barrier in communication?


Change to passive (10*1=10)

1) Mary used to do the cooking.

2) Rick told Sue to give up smoking.

3) I don’t like people keeping me watching.

4) The noise of the traffic kept me awake.

5) Someone seems to have made a terrible mistake.

6) He asked me to finish the work in time.

7) They say that they have done the homework.

8) It is evident that he keeps his promise.

9) Do the children play football?

10) Why are you washing the car?)


Read the following passage carefully. (1*5=5)

(i)Make notes, using headings, sub-headings and Using abbreviations wherever necessary.

(ii) Give a suitable tittle (3marks)

(ii)Write summary.(2marks)

Twenty-one-year-old Jyoti Amge, the smallest woman in the world, laughs easily and often. Perhaps,

from a height of twenty-three inches, the world does look a bit funny.

Afflicted with achondroplasia, a form of pituitary dwarfism, 21-year-old Amge is a bit shorter than her

two-year-old nephew and a lad taller than her framed Guinness certificate. In fact, Amge, the youngest of

five, wasn’t even visible in her mother’s womb. The doctors thought she wasn’t alive and her mother

Ranjana, who underwent a two-hour caesarian operation in her tenth month to birth her, welcomed her

youngest as a blessing. In all of Amge’s birthday pictures in the album, her height is the same from age

three to twenty-one. Kitted out in custom made frocks and bright red lipstick; with fancy beads lining her permed hair, the tiny Amge turned heads in Nagpur and became a hit with Hindi news channel “I

have always wanted to be an actor,” says Amge. Amge was quick to say yes when the producers of

‘American Horror Story’ Freak Show contacted her. “They had seen my interview in a New York daily,”

says Amge, who readily agreed to play the role of Ma Petite, the miniature sari- and-bindi-clad assistant

of a woman.

“In spite of the name the show was not about freaks it was about compassion,” says Amge. “What makes

the world so interesting in that we are different and some folks a little bit odd,” she said. Sadly, Amge’s

own home country does not seem to respect differences. Amge’s brother complained that unlike the West

where “people ask permission before clicking a photo,” Indians take her privacy for granted. People look

at her like she’s a wonder, an ajooba and try to get too close to her. I have to shelter her like a body guard,

adds Satish.

Amge’s family members now make up her entourage. They help Amge, who suffered an accident in

Kashmir that severely fractured her left leg, with everything from braiding her hair to carrying her to the

washbasin. Be it the nearby mall or a trip to China, one or more of them always accompany her.


Choose the correct meaning of the idioms given below.(5*1=5)

1) Under his thumb

  1. a) Under one’s guidance
  2. b) Under one’s impotence
  3. c) Under one’s companion

2) In hot water

  1. a) In ecstasy
  2. b) In tumult
  3. c) In peace

3) The pros The pros and cons

  1. a) The difference between the matter
  2. b) Various aspects of the matter
  3. c) Definition of the matter

4) Lion’s share

  1. a) major part
  2. b) lions food
  3. c) heart of the prey

5) Whole nine yards

  1. a) Everything
  2. b) Something
  3. c) Nothing


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