In-depth coaching with high standards of professionalism at National Management College is grounded in our long history of education and dedicated to our absolute convictions that all students are learners and even the Faculties become students while updating themselves through Teachers Education Training Programs. And, it makes them Excellent Teachers to make the Students, the Best Performers.

When you begin and complete your CA / CMA / CS Programs at National Management College, you will be molded and be prepared to serve diverse students in diverse setting and reserve a coveted place in the 21st Century Global Education Community and also in the field of Accounting, Auditing Costing, Taxation, Corporate Laws, etc.

" Those who educate the children well are more to be honored and adored than they who give birth to them."

" ஈன்ற பொழுதிற் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன் மகனை
சான்றோன் எனக் கேட்ட தாய் "
- என்கிறார் திருவள்ளுவர் !

இதன் பொருள், கற்றோர் சபையில், ஒரு தாயானவள் தான் பெற்ற மகனை, கல்வியில் நிறைந்த பெரியவர்கள், " உன் மகன் சான்றோன் ", கல்வியிலும், ஒழுக்கத்திலும் மிகச் சிறந்தவன் " எனக் கேட்ட மாத்திரத்தில், பெற்றெடுத்தபோது அடைந்த மகிழ்ச்சியை விட, பலநூறு மடங்கு ஆனந்தப் பரவசம் அடைகிறாள் என்பதாகும்!

இதனை ஆங்கிலத்தில்

When the mother hears him named

" fulfilled of wisdom's lore ", The far greater joy she feels, than when her son she bore.

(The mother who hears her son called " a wise man " will rejoice more than she did at his birth.)

NMC not only producing the nation’s most talented brainy professionals but also helps in structuring our nation’s economy and industry, by which our Mother India may become a Super Power in all spheres on the Globe.

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