• Our classrooms are very spacious filled with full of energy, well-furnished with modern age furniture. Separate seating arrangements for Boys and Girls.
  • We have 8 separate classrooms for separate courses, suitable for holding 60 students each.
  • Students in NMC experiences beautiful space that makes them feel good to be at college with Art, Living plants, Comfortable Seating, Fast Internet Access and Friendly professors.

Each classroom has been set up based on what is necessary to meet learning objectives.

Wi-Fi Facilities

PPT Presentation Facilities

Neat & Clean environment

  • Each classroom has a variety of spacious settings - Some classrooms are more traditional in the way that we envision classrooms now.¬†Others have been set up in a formal manner.
  • We have benches and desks arranged in rows of three, but every classroom will follow a different template.
  • National Management College prioritizes the classroom to inspire student's learning first and foremost.
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